And if we should die tonight, we should all die together.


british people will jump through their own assholes to describe the differences between accents but then refer to Africa like it’s one country.


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Q: Palestinian leaders' mission is to kill all Jews. In the past few weeks they have launched about 2,000 missiles into Israel. Fortunately Israel has the iron dome which deflects them so their people don't die. When rockets get launched from gaza, Israel bombs where they came from so that they can't launch more. Gaza don't care about their citizens so they launch them out of peoples homes, schools hospitals. So Israel warns them to gtfo and then bombs it which is appropriate response I think


god how stupid are you people

Israel wants to create a Jewish only state. it is not Palestine that wants to kill all Jews, it is Israel that wants to kill all Palestinians for their extremist goals. the fucking former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said “There is no such thing as a Palestinian.”. it is not anti-Semitic to be anti-Zionist; it is to be anti-apartheid and anti-genocide.

Israel started this war. since the mid 1900s zionists have invaded the land of Palestine (predominantly Muslim) and acquired most of the territory through illegal war gains. the indigenous population is defending itself from being taken over unrightfully by zionists. but with force and violence, and the help of western powers, zionists have successfully taken almost all of Palestine in the name of creating Israel.

right now they’re basically fighting over the gaza strip (really the last bit of Palestine). Israel is repeatedly bombing gaza, taking Palestinians as prisoners, killing Palestinians left and right, and there are literally Israeli people sitting in lawn chairs watching the bombings.

you’re fucking insane if you think Palestine is the aggressor.

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